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Family Guy
About Me


A whole page dedicated to the one we call Amy F. Reason being we couldnt fit her on any other page. Let see if this works.

This page is basicly a few jokes ive made about her god awful profile, sha'll ya take a look???




Amy in 10 Years


* yEa i kNo iMa ByTCh..a cLaSsY oNe *
* BuT u'Z a hOe..a FuCciN nAsTy oNe *

ok, you live in some shity apartment wearing walmart clothes or goodwill clothes how in hell are u capable of being classy??? (not to mention ur net weight is equal to that of a cow.)

-X-i ' D . D o . a N y T H i N G . 2 . B . W i T H . u-X- HARKNESS

o this one gives me a headacke, WA THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U???? i know ur both big and hideous but harkness? ? ? my god! u know wat im speechless for once, good job, wa eve floats ur boat. (in ur case, an aircraft carrier)

goin ta visit mah bro in da hospital bbl then goin ta Kmart her some shit bb much lateR! *!aMY*!

Yes kmart, u read it folks from the one who claims to have class is goin shoping at kmart.

   [] WhEn I mOve U mOVe JuSt LiKE THAt

Amy, when you move, the world moves also.

*:.My MiLkShAkE.:*:.
.·:*¨¤¨*:·.~To ThA~.·:*¨¤¨*:·.

Amy, for the love of god ur the size of Asia one more of those and ull send our planet ofcourse!.

*~* AnY boY CAn giVe YoU HiS WoRd, BUt iTs A ReAl maN WhO KeePs iT *~*

Amy it takes a real man to have feelings for you, a real all american beefy man.

°·.·°u DreaM iT°·.·°
*·.·*i LiVe iT*·.·*
°·.·°yOuR jEaLoUS°·.·°
*·.·*aDmIt iT*·.·*

Yes amy ur so rite, i am so jealous tha u r ur own fucking continent. Ive always wanted a private island. 

cLuBz - i RoCk DaT
iCe - i WeAr DaT 
ThUgs - i PiMp DaT
My hEaRt - CaNt TouCh DaT

U wonder why u rock the club??? ok amy u wear "ice" u shop at kmart, end of discusion. thugs - u pimp tha?? ok we all know the only thing ur pimpin is a moose. my heart- cant touch tha. how the fuck do u ecpect us to get to it?

I gOt Da MAgIc sTiCk

Im sry amy but a snickers is not considered a magic stick.

dOn'T HaTe mE cAuSe I hAvE a BiG aSs... HaTe mE cAuSe U d0nT GoT 1!!

Amy i hate you because ur huge ass blocks the god damn sun ! ! !

DoNt tHiNk Of Me As A HoE
jUsT tHiNk Of Me As ThA gUrL
u WiSh Ur MaN diDnT kNoW

Ok amy sleeping with members of ur family does not make you a hoe.

ThiNk iMa BiTcH? eh..Wuh cAn i SaY?
U DoNt LiKe Me DatS oK.i aM WuT i Am.
i Do WuT i Do.iF u gOtA pRoBleM fUcK u 2

Amy its not only ppl hate you but the biggest problem (besides ur pant size) is tha u r the reason tha there is starving kids in africa.


Amy a kiss tasted by you is a waste of sanity not to mention suicide

BaNg BaNg ChOo ChOo TrAiN wInD Me uP IlL Do My ThAnG rEeSeS pEiCeS bUtTa cUp TaKe My sHiT IlL fUcK U uP!

Amy we all know the only thing u can fuck up is a thanksgiving turkey

:-) Amy Loves____::HIM::_____:-)

Let me fill in the blanks for you, amy loves hamburger helper and the keebler elves.

...iF a GuY TeLLs yA tA sUcK iT...
...TuRn aRouNd~sMiLe~n SaY...
...iTz DaNgEroUs 2 PuT sMaLL oBjEcTz
iN uR mOuTh... hehe

Dont u have enough in ur mouth as it is


Amy if you were an angel heaven would of suck striaght to hell by now.

WhEn i WaLk By Ur AsKiN Ur Boy,
iS sHe PrEtTiEr DeN mE!?
GoT DeM GuYz SaYiN UmM,
WeLL--> HoNeStLy??

Amy the only thing were saying to our boys is "ALERT the warren, one of Old Johny's cows are loose!"

i wanna taste your body all night long from sun up to sun down i wanna make you moan:-*

Ok first GROSSS! eww omfg thas nasty, (pukes) Amy dotn you eat enough food as it is?? now ur moving on to humans? Not mention the only thing u make moan is the starving kids in africa moan of hunger.

:*:My Love for you is like Roc-A-fella Records:*:
   :*:can`t stop...won`t stop:*:

When it comes to your appetite its pretty fucking obvious. : Amy at mc donalds, Cant stop wont stop got eat it all.

          `·. B `·.´¨¨*:·.
             `·. I `·.´¨¨*:·.
                )  T  )´¨¨*:·.
             .·´ C .·´´¨¨*:·.
          .·´ H .·´´¨¨*:·.

More like a 110+% FAT

xXProudx2xBeXx: Wana know a true fact,Amy f once spent 30$ at mc donalds on herself off of the dollar menu
xXProudx2xBeXx: swear to god
xXProudx2xBeXx: shell tell you
imjustjennyhinx: what the shit
xXProudx2xBeXx: O its not???
xXProudx2xBeXx: thas awsome
imjustjennyhinx: the people working there must be like....uhmmmm
imjustjennyhinx: right ok
xXProudx2xBeXx: there thinking when she walks in "Jack Pot!!!"
xXProudx2xBeXx: lol
imjustjennyhinx: they are like..."FIRE UP THE GRILL MEN! WE GOT WORK TO DO!"