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Everyone Important

Amy K - Omg were so weird! (sound familur?) Squirels..... wa the hell is wrong with you????? (Micheal Jackson, certain car obsession)
Lisa - Holy shit we have done so much dumb shit! Skinny dippin at nystroms! ha ha lol, friendlys, traffic cones, trashcan at mall, (omg) joes bed + a cig = yes lisa a FIRE! lol, black rock, love ya babe always!
Laura - Hoes for life! lol omg im so pissed ur moving wa the fuck, weve had some great times together, joes, ur crazy ex b/f, (remember the time i ran over his foot! ha ha lol) Love ya!
Linda - Jesus christ were dumb, pizza place, CEMETERY, u bein a prostitute and/or drug dealer. (to your dad!) High times! lol
Calish - O man, Boys, and construction worker (kent) its all good, Ill Nino!
Jeff - has anyone told u tha u jus might be obsessed with wrestling? (just a helpful hint) lol o yea IM NOT POOR GOD DAMNET!!!
Amy H - omg ur my god damn gym partner! but now were seperated, omg bio is a blast with ya, jordan, thanx alot cuz now u and calisha got me listenin to green day.
Kenzi - omg, we ARE DUMB! runnign away from a cop thas not even a block near us, runin away from imaginery animals, and a god damn traffic cone! lol wa about the curse on nick? ha ha!!!
Alex - Or Miss T, ha ha
Steph - Omg weve been friends forever! so many memories and many more to come!
Manda - PINK, HETERO BIOTCH!!! ha ha
Ilmanator - OMG we r crazy! me you and emma " shes muslim and hes ..... yea uhhh catholic." - emma ha ha (inside joke) Buggin Mr. Martin, Buddah budahh. ha ha
Embot - Wow we have been friends for so long, new years eve las year, EVERETT, omfg. lol the god damn youth groups u get me into goin too, "god bless you and thank you for coming" - some christain dude in bristol, "emma u got some major explainin to do"- me, ugly ass portiricans in bristol, chrissy.
Ash (cousin) - Omg we are the bomb, lol Its so funny how grandma and heather try there best to keep us seperated cuz of all the trouble we cause, lol Remember lisa's wedding, the chandler, wraping up the trees, the fountain, the bar, ha ha lol, and the whole time there was a camera lookin rite at us, best cuzin ever, love ya always!
Rachel - Omg we are destined for NY!!! We gona shop till we drop! lol I miss fifth period together!!! We gona be like that show friends, roomies in NY, at least i think they were in NY, oo I want to be joey, hes kinda cute, lol You'll be rachel, o wa  ya know
Chels - Ya gota get help!!! your so pariniod! Amy running away from home at mid night and you goin sycho and leave me in her yard for the cops to get me while you run off, and when amys mom called "ya shes walking over rite now with albie" wtf chels lol, Rebels for life.
Amanda - CEMETERY! fat fuck chrissy, fratellis, stoned, apartment, 5 yearold chain smoker, lol good times and once again high times